E Millar



Hybrid in-person/remote residency at Festival Tsonami, Valparaíso, Chile
more info


Agora de la Danse, Montreal, Canada
22-25 November 2023 more info
Choreography : Priscilla Guy & Emilie Morin
Concept : Priscilla Guy, Emilie Morin et E Millar
Sound design : E Millar

artificial field recording

Sound and video installation at Oeil de Poisson Gallery, Québec City, Canada
8 September to 15 October 2023 more info
photos by Vincent Drouin

and solo album launch, 8 Sept 2023
digital release with 7 postcard set, images taken from the installation

yes i'm listening, yes i'm hearing you

artificial field recording sound sculpture installation
Old Customs House in Walyalup, July/Aug 2023
photos by Dan McCabe

artificial field recording - work in progress

demo of current work in sound-sculpture, field recording and chroma-key video 2023

I began creating kinetic sound sculptures in 2017. These are assemblages of a variety of materials and recycled electronic components which generate repetitive, slowly-evolving soundscapes. In my work with these long-duration, textural sounds I became interested in how they paralleled field recordings or ‘environmental’ sounds, despite being made and recorded in the studio. I wanted to examine how we hear sound in our environment and qualify it as being ‘natural’ or ‘artificial,’ to encourage a connection with the spaces through which we move daily and experience them with fresh eyes and ears. In 2022 I created a series of sound sculptures for a variety of environments in my neighbourhood of Montreal. These responded to the sonic and visual characteristics of the place. They were then composited using chroma key into these environments. This work is currently in post-production.

something moving something still

excerpts from video score composed by E Millar
premiered 11.2022 by Ensemble SuperMusique, Montreal

rare entertainment by E Millar & christof kurzmann

out now on Mystery & Wonder Records, 08.2022

“If you’re ready to indulge some existential pondering whilst settling into a state of uneasy immersion, this duo has your sound bath ready.”

Bill Meyer (dusted magazine, 2023) full review here

solo album ARF3

on presses précaires, cassette and digital, 12.2021

“Maybe it intends to blur the boundary between nature and machine.
Or confront the relationship between understanding sound and the contextual knowledge of it.
Or center the labor of musicmaking in repetitive motion. Like the sounds themselves, their meanings are branching.”

Keith Prosk (harmonic series, 2022) full review here


excerpt from residency at Les Brigittines with Mandoline Hybride
sound by E Millar, video by Emilie Morin and Priscilla Guy 09.2021


performed by a.hop: Anne-F Jacques, Bonnie Jones, Elizabeth Millar, Liew Niyomkarn, Lynette Quek, Ryoko Akama, suzueri, Valentina Villarroel, Veronica Cerrotta
text score composed by E Millar 03.2021

a rhythm and portrait song

performed by a.hop: Anne-F Jacques, Bonnie Jones, Elizabeth Millar, Liew Niyomkarn, Lynette Quek, Ryoko Akama, suzueri, Valentina Villarroel, Veronica Cerrotta
text score composed by Ryoko Akama 03.2021

pluie, choses rebondissantes

E Millar & Anne-F Jacques, 11.2020

Sound of the Mountain with Tetuzi Akiyama & Toshimaru Nakamura

Music Gallery, 10.2019

E Millar solo album no instrument machine, air

on Mystery & Wonder Records, 05.2019 available here

“The results are a impressively dynamic, concise statement that should be understood as a declaration that this is a musician to watch.
Especially for those who already enjoy the clarinet and tape works of Xavier Charles and Jürg Frey.”

Keith Prosk (The Free Jazz Collective, 2020) full review here

“There is a narrative within this treasure of produced noise…
The message is resolute and profound even if not quite within the grasp of reality or understanding.”

Saul Bleaeck (Toneshift, 2019) full review here

Elizabeth Millar with Mira Martin-Gray at Audiopollintation, Array Space, Toronto, 2019. Video by Mike Lynn